What bacteria do to fight off aging?


What bacteria do to fight off aging?

Written by Staff Writer CNN (CNN) — Soy milk, water and a saline solution in six fluid mixtures. Then, motorized train balls tossed into dozens of squirming volunteers. This is the concoction — loosely…

Meet the designer behind Facebook's new logo


Meet the designer behind Facebook’s new logo

a logo can be a metaphor for a company and serve as a physical manifestation of its values. It’s easy to forget that redesigning the Facebook logo isn’t just about updating it and presenting…

Faulkner's 'DeDerbee' children's books


Faulkner’s ‘DeDerbee’ children’s books

Written by By Staff Writer When William Faulkner first traveled to Paris as a visiting scholar in 1929, he found himself a bit out of place. In the French capital, as in the country…