View Cat Proof Christmas Tree Background. .has be cat proof, meaning, the tree cannot be tipped over, the branches cannot be torn off, and the ornaments and lamps cannot be taken down by the cats. Depending upon the size of your tree — and your kitten — you may be able to put obstacles in place that will keep your cat out of the christmas tree.

Genius Hacks to Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree – Meowingtons
Genius Hacks to Cat-Proof Your Christmas Tree – Meowingtons from

Then you already know the stress of trying to have a nice christmas tree that, well, stays just as you decorated it! The cat was sat, angel between paws, admiring her handiwork. Fortunately, there are many cat proof christmas tree ideas as well as christmas tree alternatives for cat owners like you.

This is cute but i doubt it would actually work.

Cats and christmas trees are a dangerous combination. Our cat proof and environmentally conscious christmas tree. As are all the ornaments. Is your cat smitten by your christmas tree, so intrigued that she clambers onto it, knocking needles, decorations and tinsel everywhere?

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