Get Christmas Tree Napkin Fold Images. Watch how to fold napkins for christmas. Fold the upper layer to the top to form a peak of your christmas tree.

DIY Christmas Tree Napkin Fold | moco-choco
DIY Christmas Tree Napkin Fold | moco-choco from

Watch as your napkin tree is showcased on many a holiday instagram posts. This can be done with paper napkins or cloth napkins. Cut four half circles (8 radius) from each fabric.

Lay two semi circles (1 of each fabric) right sides together.

Folded napkins can add instant panache, polish, and intrigue to any tabletop, but learning intricate napkin folds can seem intimidating and time consuming. Use cloth napkins, fabric or two sided fabric for a festive, holiday look. 1/2 yd of ea., sewing machine, thread, iron, scissors. The video christmas tree napkin fold tutorial by youtuber kim wilson shows you, in clear steps, exactly how to fold your napkins into christmas trees like a pro.

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