Download How To Make Simple Christmas Ornaments Gif. They're not just beautiful—they're also incredibly meaningful keepsakes. Add some modern flair to your christmas tree decor with gold leaf paint!

20 Natural Christmas Decorations for a Lovely Home
20 Natural Christmas Decorations for a Lovely Home from

Easy christmas tree snowman ornament kids can make. From felt and glitter to recycled materials, homemade ornaments make a fantastic (and versatile!) gift kids can make. The grinch ornament will make your heart grow three sizes.

Get more ideas from our 12 days of handmade christmas ornaments tour.

I haven't made a ton of them, but i've got a handful of pretty cute wooden. Come back and leave a comment letting us know how they turned out! I'll be posting tutorials how to make these bad boys, but they are so easy, you can that's it! Not sure how to put together the clothespins and colorful dot stickers are a simple way to customize a plain sphere.

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