25+ When Do You Take Down Your Christmas Tree Background. Following christian tradition, the christmas tree would be put up and decorated on december 24, christmas eve, and stay up until january 6, the day of epiphany. January 7th is when the christmas tree and all the other decorations get taken down.

Christmas decorations: When should you take festive ...
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When do you take down the christmas tree? That tree will come down when i feel like bothering with it. The christmas tree became popular in england in 1841 when queen victoria's husband, prince albert, brought a.

There's less than a month until christmas and loads of towns have already got their trees and switched my parents put them up 12 days before christmas, and take them down 12 days after.

How long after christmas do you wait before taking down your christmas tree? You know, last year, we had a really heavy fake christmas tree, so i tried to convince my family to keep the tree up all year long, and redecorate it monthly to match the next holiday. Check out these expert tips for neatly cleaning up your christmas tree. Typically my family waits until the end of december.

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