Get Chinese New Year House Decoration Pictures. Chinese new year decorations include couplets, fu characters, red lanterns, chinese knots, papercuts, auspicious plants, flowers, red home as time goes by, there are more and more modern decorations appearing in people's houses. Just like in the west at christmas time according to the traditions, firecrackers (of the real kind), are lit in front of houses and stores so that the evil spirits are scared away.

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They signify prosperity and happiness. Pavillion mall beautiful chinese new year lantern decorations. Chinese do most of the decoration for the spring festival on new year's eve, although people begin to decorate their houses around 10 days before.

It's easy to create a memorable chinese new year party with decorations and party supplies from oriental trading.

You can decide to beautify the house with new year decoration from traditional chinese culture. Chinese new year—you hear it coming even before you see it. Chinese new year table decorating kit 23pc cardstock decorations. Here's to your health, prosperity, and many blessings!

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